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Fastscaling Startups with Patrick Flesner

September 05, 2022 Single.Earth Season 2 Episode 4
The NatureBacked Podcast
Fastscaling Startups with Patrick Flesner
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"Startups do not fail because they run out of cash. They run out of cash because the leaders fail," said Patrick Flesner, partner LeadX Capital Partners and author of the bestseller book FastScaling.

Learn more about:

  • How fast is too fast scaling? Should you build a plane while flying or before taking off?
  • How investors should separate good and bad cash burn
  • Is 2 million profit per year enough for a startup?
  • Growing from founder to leader: when to leave decisions to staff?
  • Why Netflix startup series Kings of Stonk is worth watching
  • The secret sauce of writing a bestseller

Patrick's next books, The Leadership House and Leading Effectively, are due later in 2022.

In the NatureBacked podcast of Single.Earth, we are talking with investors about the vision of the new green world.

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(Cont.) Fastscaling Startups with Patrick Flesner