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Eating Construction Waste with MycoCycle

January 23, 2023 Single.Earth Season 2 Episode 21
The NatureBacked Podcast
Eating Construction Waste with MycoCycle
Show Notes

Mushrooms will open a new nature-backed market for turning construction waste into new raw materials, said Joanne Rodriguez, founder of MycoCycle.

“There is no waste in nature - that’s a manmade construct. And so, looking for solutions in nature to solve these problems is critical to how we battle this climate change,” Rodriguez said.

Learn more about:

  • Where mushrooms and cannabis meet
  • The opportunities of biomimicry
  • The beginning of mycelium rush

In the United States alone, 660 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste is added to landfills annually. That’s twice the amount of municipal solid waste, she said.

“I see us as the only ones doing this with the nature-backed solution. We are seeing others work in recycling construction and demolition debris or hard-to-recycle industrial waste streams. That’s usually coming through chemical recycling,” Rodriguez said.

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