NB01: Going Beyond COP15, Going NaturePositive

Welcome to the NatureBacked world - after 41 episodes, it's about time to start with a newsletter to wrap up the latest developments.

I launched the NatureBacked podcast in February. The first year has been, modestly put, decent: 41 episodes, 50,000+ downloads, and reaching the No. 3 spot on the U.S. Apple chart for investment podcasts.

But this newsletter should surely be about the latest things worth listening to, right?

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In the fresh episode, we wrapped up the historic COP15 biodiversity deal with Katherine von Stackelberg and Merit Valdsalu.

🎙️ Listen to the full episode: Beyond COP15: Much Needed Solutions for Biodiversity

Katherine attended the event in Montreal and took us through the discussions made and the possible implications for the future.

The Montreal agreement can change the world for the better, said Katherine, a scientist working at Harvard and Single.Earth.

“Everyone agrees we want to be nature positive. Make disclosures mandatory piece; everyone’s moving in the right direction. But again, the devil is in the details,” she said.

In our regular Monday episode, we covered innovation in the old coffee industry from two directions. At first, Josh Ziegelbaum introduced Colombian coffee production and the expansion plans of Green Coffee Company in roasting and distilling. Later, Miroslav Kovac, founder of Coffee Cloud, introduced how IoT is turning coffee greener.

🎙️ Listen to the full episode: Stirring Up Coffee Industry, with Green Coffee and Coffee Cloud

Last week (I promise I will not go through 41 episodes one by one), I spoke with James Vincent from FNDR. Having worked as a brand agency executive with Steve Jobs for 11 years, James was involved with launching some of the most iconic consumer products: iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad.

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Pressure from consumers will likely be the key driver pushing climate tech toward the mainstream over the coming years, James said in the episode covering a wide array of entrepreneurship-related topics.

🎙️ Listen to the full episode: Emerging Consumer Demand Will Drive ClimateTech says FNDR's James Vincent

We delved deep into the essentials of brand building and James shared some good tips for young companies on how to approach brand essentials.

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