NB02: Lauching Into A Green Future in 2023

Hello, 2023! Green future is in focus more and more, with new heat records welcoming us in the first days of the new year and new data on climate investments showing resilience to the downturn.

In the NatureBacked podcast, we started the year with a fascinating episode with Alex Blum, founder of Applied Bioplastics.

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🎙️ Listen to the full episode: Turning Plastics Greener and Cheaper With Applied Bioplastics

Check out their story, which takes you from a refugee camp in Bangladesh to a revolution in the bioplastics industry.

“What we’ve done by mixing cellulose with regular plastic in a way that is inexpensive to accomplish is that we’ve created a replacement for durable plastics that cost less than the original plastic while cutting the carbon footprint in half,” Blum said.

The Applied Bioplastics team of 20 has raised $1.2 million and seeks to raise a further $1.24 million on Raise Green platform.

Alex turned his visit to meet the refugees in Bangladesh into a documentary titled “Blossoms From Ash”, which focuses on the Rohingya genocide. The documentary won several awards.

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In late 2022 we wrapped up the historic COP15 biodiversity deal with Katherine von Stackelberg and Merit Valdsalu.

🎙️ Listen to the full episode: Beyond COP15: Much Needed Solutions for Biodiversity

Katherine attended the event in Montreal and took us through the discussions made and the possible implications for the future. 

The Montreal agreement can change the world for the better, said Katherine, a scientist working at Harvard and Single.Earth.


In January, we are speaking with a few more entrepreneurs and investors about their visions of a green future. Then, for season three, we focus on a cross-over of the environment and web3 world as we ramp up for Tallinn web3 week in early May.