Cleaning Soils With Novobiom's Fungi
The NatureBacked PodcastDecember 19, 2023x

Cleaning Soils With Novobiom's Fungi

Novobiom, the winner of the Future is Fungi Startup Award, is cleaning contaminated soils using fungi, and is raising funding to build fungal fermentation pilot during 2024.

"We aim by using fungi is to turn bulk waste into high value applications using a fungal micro refinery," Novobiom co-founder Caroline Zaoui said in the NatureBacked podcast.

"The big milestone is going to be the buildup of our fungal fermentation pilot for the micro refinery angle that we are working on to demonstrate that we can process a certain volume of waste to generate compounds of high added value, and demonstrate that we can bring a solution for the end of waste in the textile industry," Zaoui said, adding that the company was also aiming to make use of any waste stream to produce biobased and circular molecules for the cosmetics industry.

Novobiom's main product is a soil mycoremediation solution, which uses mushrooms to degrade and detoxify pollutants in the soil. Novobiom says that this solution is more ecological, efficient, and economical than conventional soil treatments.

Novobiom's mission is to contribute to solving current environmental and societal challenges by developing bio-inspired restorative innovations. Novobiom was founded in 2017 and is based in Belgium.

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