Deepdive to Life, Growth and Sleep, with Digital Nomad Danny Flood
The NatureBacked PodcastAugust 21, 2023x

Deepdive to Life, Growth and Sleep, with Digital Nomad Danny Flood

In this episode, Tarmo Virki talks with Danny Flood, the founder of School of Growth Hacking, a platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses faster and smarter.

Danny is also the author of several books on entrepreneurship, marketing, and productivity, such as Hack Sleep, Hack Email, and Buy Your Own Island.

Tarmo and Danny discuss the following topics:

• How to apply AI for growth hacking principles to your personal and professional life

• How to hack your sleep, improve your health, and boost your productivity

• How a Yoga retreat in Nepal could boost your business

• How to use AI to hack climate change and create a more sustainable future

If you are interested in learning more about AI for growth hacking, or if you want to discover some practical tips and tricks to use AI to grow your business faster and smarter, then you don't want to miss this episode.

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