Gamifying Nature Protection With Arch from Wildchain
The NatureBacked PodcastAugust 01, 2023x

Gamifying Nature Protection With Arch from Wildchain

Wildchain aims to address the lack of financial support for real endangered animals by combining the concept of adoptable NFTs featuring endangered animals and threatened species. The team behind this initiative has spent two years developing the project, which has been self-funded without any external investments. Their approach involves building a working product before launching a token, and they have already released an NFT marketplace where they introduce a new animal every week that will be featured in the game. The game itself is set in the African Savannah.

Inspired by the Tamagotchi game from their childhood, the team wants to create a lasting impact with their project. They believe that a single donation should not be limited to just one instance but should grow and multiply to make an even bigger impact. They are dedicated to making a difference and are excited about their upcoming launch in October. 

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