How Nature Can Guide us to Build Sustainable and Innovative Businesses
The NatureBacked PodcastOctober 25, 2023x

How Nature Can Guide us to Build Sustainable and Innovative Businesses

In a wide-ranging discussion with Simona Simulyte on the sidelines of the Impact Day festival in Tallinn we talked about:

  • How she took over her father's car component business at the age of 12 and launched environmentally friendly springs for breaks
  • Early days of startup entrepreneurship in Lithuania, emphasizing the importance of diversity and impact
  • How she launched the ChangemakersON network, a community for tech for good products, by leveraging traditional business experience and partnerships
  • Her work in startups and sustainability highlights the importance of doing things for the right reasons rather than just for appearance or marketing
  • ESG reporting helps expose greenwashing by measuring and documenting criteria, but companies need to be transparent and set clear agreements.
  • regenerative organizations and decentralized business models
  • the importance of listening to intuition and following nature's lead in business. Despite trying to copy nature, we've already made copies of nature before and are now returning to sustainable innovation.
  • How small businesses should adopt a life-centric business model, prioritizing uniqueness and cooperation over competition.

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