Solving Governance Challenges With DAO and INO
The NatureBacked PodcastFebruary 24, 2023x

Solving Governance Challenges With DAO and INO

Transparency and trust built into Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) should be an example for any corporation, said founders of Internet Native Organisation (INO).

"The future of organisations is digital - we have seen that in Estonia, but the rest of the world is not yet there," said Astra Tikas.

Internet Native Organisation said it seeks to bring tools and solutions of DAOs to the mainstream, starting from Estonia., where it holds its first DAO Day on March 28.

“Our vision is to help Estonia become the first country in Europe to offer legal entity status for DAOs,” said Polina Brottier.

Learn more about:

  • What makes DAOs special
  • What benefits blockchain brings to organisations
  • How could the proliferation of DAOs impact charity
  • Is democracy an example of DAO or vice versa

“DAO is an example of democracy, and DAO is what is bringing democracy to everything, not just to the government. It’s transparent and truly decentralised or neutral because the base, the technology, is allowing it,” said Javier Ortin. “Blockchain technology offers a transparent, neutral way for governments.”

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