NB11: Nature Conservation Game for Real-World Actions

This week's episode was recorded in Bangkok where Tarmo sat down with Wildchain founder Arch to talk about how to use tokens and NFTs to raise financial support for real-life endangered animals.

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Inspired by the games of Tamagotchi and Pokemon GO the team is building a platform to reach bigger impact than just single donations.

"The concept we're trying to integrate is having your in-game actions really impact the real world. As you're planting trees, you're actually contributing to real trees being planted. As you're hiring rangers in the game, we're actually hiring, like paying rangers, in the real world to protect these rare species. If you're expanding your land, we're protecting real, fragile ecosystems," Arch described.

The soft launch is planned for October, but many NFTs of endangered species have already been launched.

NatureBacked meets Startup Tank

Our host Tarmo visited Startup Tank Climate Investor Pitch Show as a panellist. We published the episode, which was hosted by Matt Ward, as a bonus episode also to NatureBacked.

πŸŽ™οΈ Check out the full episode: NatureBacked meets Startup Tank

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Six interesting startups pitched in the episode.

πŸ€ InnoCSR: eco-friendly brick maker from Asia 

πŸ€ Sophie’s Bionutrients makes food-grade protein from microalgae

πŸ€ Rightcharge simplifies EV charging, starting from the UK

πŸ€ UpShift Cars offers fractional EV car subscription

πŸ€ PingThings promises to revolutionise predictive grid management

πŸ€ Concrete4Change mineralises CO2 in concrete

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