NB12: Growth Hacking and Green Investments of Oil Giant

In the last two episodes, we travelled from Bangkok to Barcelona to Nepal, covering issues which ranged from gas stations to yoga retreats, and from investing in plane fuels to growth hacking.

πŸŽ™οΈ E63: Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Battery Sector in Focus, Says PTT's Nick Piromsawat

πŸŽ™οΈ E64: Deepdive to Life, Growth and Sleep, with Digital Nomad Danny Flood

First, we talked with Nick (Nitchan) Piromsawat, a senior investment associate at ExpresSo, the venture capital and venture building team at PTT, the Thai national oil company.

Nick discusses with Tarmo Virki the challenges and opportunities that PTT faces as a big player in the energy sector, and how they are collaborating with other corporations and stakeholders to create new supply chains and business models that are sustainable and profitable.

Nick reveals some of the most exciting areas that ExpresSo is looking into, such as sustainable aviation fuels, EV batteries, and second-life batteries.

In this week's episode, Tarmo talks with Danny Flood, the founder of School of Growth Hacking, a platform that teaches entrepreneurs how to grow businesses faster and smarter.

Tarmo and Danny discuss the following topics:

πŸ™‚β†•οΈ How to apply growth hacking principles to your life and business

πŸ™‚β†•οΈ How to hack your sleep, improve your health, and boost your productivity

πŸ™‚β†•οΈ How a Yoga retreat in Nepal could boost your business

πŸ™‚β†•οΈ How to use AI to hack climate change and create a more sustainable future

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