NB13: From Carbon Removals to Complete Transformations

🎙️E65: Pulling the Carbon Out of the Sky with CUR8s Marta Krupinska

CUR8 co-founder Marta Krupinska, a passionate advocate for carbon removal, believes that carbon removal is essential to addressing climate change, while it can also be a profitable business.

CUR8 is building a marketplace for carbon removal credits. These projects can include planting trees, capturing carbon dioxide from the air, or storing carbon dioxide underground.

In this episode, Marta and I will discuss the following topics:

  • What is carbon removal?
  • Why is carbon removal important?
  • How does CUR8 work?
  • The challenges and opportunities of the carbon removal market
  • The cost of carbon removal and how it is expected to come down over time
  • The role of governments and businesses in supporting the development of the carbon removal market

“When I first heard of carbon removals in 2020, it genuinely rocked my world, for the reason that for the first time, I thought, Okay, hang on a second, well, we have to continue radically decarbonizing, we're doing everything we can, and we should do more. But also, we have a way of aiding that process with something that actively also pulls carbon out of the sky," Krupinska said.

"We have to mobilise everything that we've got. But we also know that the science is clear, there is no staying below 1.5 without carbon removals, and I put all of my work, and effort, and hope into that," she said.

🎙️E66 Cleaning Wastewaters with Nano Bubbles

Len Bland from Nano Gas Environmental introduced the technology to clean wastewater with nanobubbles.

The topics we covered:

  • How did it come up with the idea of cleaning wastewater?
  • Role of patents.
  • The next milestones for the company
  • Competition in the market

🎙️E67 Changing the World with Tom Bosschaert from Except

Tom Bosschaert, founder of Except Integrated Sustainability, unveiled in the episode how the consultancy is transforming itself towards creating entities that will kickstart thorough, long-term societal transformations.

"Time is no longer on our side and we can't just keep playing in the sandbox anymore. We have to take serious, serious action," Bosschaert said in the episode.

"We've pinpointed five specific intervention points within society that can use such a snowball effect transition that we are familiar with," he said. 

  1. The financial sector, to help them restructure and understand how long-term investment can benefit them towards financial revenue and increased returns, but also have a long-term societal impact, which has a risk profile that is much more attractive than just keeping on investing in the old linear economy.
  2. Agriculture and food production.
  3. The built environment, how we build and rebuild our cities.
  4. Manufacturing, industry and supply chains.
  5. Education and the tools needed to understand this.

Check also the episode from March 2023 with 100 Thousand Million, the company which aims to start building the world’s first truly sustainable city in northern Chile, and several countries are keen to see the next project’s on their soil.

🎙️Creating 100 Thousand Million Sustainable Cities