Harvesting Hope: How HeavyFinance Is Cultivating a Greener Future
The NatureBacked PodcastApril 30, 2024x

Harvesting Hope: How HeavyFinance Is Cultivating a Greener Future

HeavyFinance incentivizes farmers to adopt climate-friendly practices by providing financial support for the transition from conventional to regenerative farming. 

Founder Laimonas Noreika, with a background in FinTech, was inspired to start the company after learning about the financial challenges faced by farmers, he said in an interview on sidelines of TechChill conference in Riga.

HeavyFinance has evolved from a lending business to a climate-focused enterprise, leveraging a business model based on Verra standards to issue carbon credits to farmers who sequester CO2. They are now active in six European markets and are launching an Article 9 fund to further support regenerative farming practices. 

The company aims to create a financial ecosystem tailored for farmers, offering products like green loans to facilitate the switch to sustainable farming, with the ultimate goal of scaling up to meet the significant financial needs of small and medium farms across Europe.

The company is working on unlocking institutional capital and launching a securitization deal, with plans to expand its support and educational efforts in 2024.

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