Saying NO To Water Bottles with TAPP Water's Magnus Jern
The NatureBacked PodcastFebruary 13, 2023x

Saying NO To Water Bottles with TAPP Water's Magnus Jern

Barcelona-based TAPP Water seeks to change consumers’ habits and fights against billions of dollars spent on marketing bottled water through its filter systems for tap water, said Magnus Jern, founder and Chief Executive of TAPP Water.

The consumption of plastic water bottles has increased over the last few years, when knowledge of the health problems of bottled water and knowledge of plastic waste has increased. 

“Bottled water consumption has continued to increase, which is crazy. It’s crazy, like with all the media we’re getting, with everything we’re getting told about how bad plastic pollution is and how bad it is. People just buy more," Jern said.

Learn more about:

  • how to change consumers' behavior
  • why do people like to carry tons of water to the fifth floor
  • how much does the average consumer spend on bottled water
  • how space technology cleans water
  • breakthroughs in expanding tap filters offering

“In a nutshell, bottled water is really bad for the planet and just completely unnecessary,” Jern said.

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