Upcycling Plastic Waste With The Ocean Package's Joshua Linn
The NatureBacked PodcastOctober 17, 2023x

Upcycling Plastic Waste With The Ocean Package's Joshua Linn

German startup The Ocean Package seeks to benefit from Europe's tightening regulations that support the re-use of e-commerce packaging materials, such as plastics that the company uses to make its shipping material.

"Our solution, the most important thing behind The Ocean Package, is that we have to find a way to clean up our world and to create a cleaner world for tomorrow. Because there won't be a tomorrow if there are no companies like us," said Joshua Linn, co-founder of The Ocean Package.

The Ocean Package is a Munich-based startup that operates in several markets, aiming to make e-commerce more environmentally friendly and sustainable. To achieve this, they designed reusable packaging made of recycled polypropylene, some of which is collected from areas where it could have ended up in the ocean.

"We are mainly focusing on rivers and on post-consumer waste, where it could end up in the ocean. So we are kind of the waste management where there is no waste management. With real ocean plastic, you never know how long it has been in the water, how damaged it is by UV rays, by the sea salt."

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