Turning Air To Water With Aquaria's Brian Sheng
The NatureBacked PodcastMay 28, 2024x

Turning Air To Water With Aquaria's Brian Sheng

Aquaria, a technology company producing Atmospheric Water Generators, aims to make commonplace its innovation of creating clean drinking water out of thin air.

"We have a very large vision, and that is to build Aquaria into a technology solution for water that one day at least we have the option actually to replace tap water," said founder and Chief Executive Brian Sheng.

Sheng highlighted the vast amount of water available in the atmosphere and Aquaria's technology that captures it using low energy. He emphasized the lack of attention and investment in water solutions despite their critical role in climate change effects. 

"Our focus is on making atmospheric water capture more and more energy-efficient over time so that in the future we hit this point where we have the option to build city-scale, society-scale water infrastructure without pipes or large centralized infrastructure," said Sheng, whose company built last year water supply for some of the first homes in the world whose water supply comes from the air.

As a serial entrepreneur, Brian co-founded The Vanguard, Fresh VC, and he founded Asia Horizon.

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