NB07: Building Communities For NaturePositive World

In the last few episodes of the NatureBacked podcast, we have been speaking a lot about community-building. Check:

🎙️E53: Creating 100 Thousand Million Sustainable Cities

🎙️E54: Turning Europe Towards Web3 With Armin ZadakBar

Episode 53 took us to northern Chile, where 100 Thousand Million aims to start building the world’s first truly sustainable city next year. 

“In the short term, our vision or mission is to create a lifestyle that is truly human-centred, nature-focused, and of course, sustainable,” said co-founder Alberto Scherb. “So in a matter of two or three generations, people won’t have to have conversations like the ones we have today: How do we become sustainable? What it is to be sustainable? What’s the 1.5 lifestyle?” 

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Eventually, it is all related to community building and web3. 

“The critical aspect of building the city is not building the city, but building the community. And that is really hard and exciting because nobody has the answer. And it’s not like somebody’s trying to be the cowboy and save the day. Because there is no cowboy for this one,” Scherb said.

In episode 54, we spoke with the nascent European Web3 Organization, which is seeking to connect the web3 community on the old continent.

Europe can still become one of the leading forces in web3, and Europe’s decentralised decision-making could well play in its favour, said Armin ZadakBar, one of the founders of the Brussels-headquartered organisation.

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“This is not like a situation where we think that we already won, or we’re gonna lose that for sure,” he said.

The European Web3 Organization was founded in November 2022, and the first response has been overwhelmingly positive, ZadakBar said.

“We’ve been talking to close to 200 companies, whoever we talked to, they were just like, oh my god, this is exactly what we feel that was needed. How can I be part of it?” he said.


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