Carbon Negative Bitcoin Mining?! With Sazmining
The NatureBacked PodcastApril 10, 2023x

Carbon Negative Bitcoin Mining?! With Sazmining

Sazmining is building a platform for green, even carbon-negative, bitcoin mining, said founder William Szamosszegi.

Looking at the big picture, the environmental effects of Bitcoin are considerable, partly because Bitcoins are made using electricity partially generated by gas and coal-fired power plants. 

However, replacing the energy source, and working with methane could turn the situation upside down, believes Szamosszegi.

"More and more miners are starting to realize that you can actually leverage Bitcoin mining as a tool to clean up the methane problem. And it just economically makes sense," Szamosszegi said.

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"We think that the future is a green future, in terms of where money is going to go, and where development is going to go. And then simultaneously, I'm very, very bullish on the future of digital assets, particularly when I say digital assets, I mean, Bitcoin, especially with a lot of the fractures being seen in the banking system today," Szamosszegi said.

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