Death of a Client: Beautiful endings with Joe Macleod
The NatureBacked PodcastNovember 28, 2022x

Death of a Client: Beautiful endings with Joe Macleod

Industries have too often left the control over the end of the product lifecycle to individuals at a time when it could open many opportunities for the reuse of materials, said Joe Macleod, founder of andend, the world’s first customer-ending business. 

“There’s a massive gap at the end of the consumer lifecycle that holds circularity,” Macleod said.

Learn more about:

  • Solutions for better off-boarding experiences
  • Concept of Death and the world’s largest graveyard
  • Business opportunities around death
  • When will Facebook have more dead customers than live ones

Joe Macleod is the author of:

Ends.: Why we overlook endings for humans, products, services and digital. And why we shouldn’t

Endineering: Designing consumption lifecycles that end as well as they begin

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