Going Local with Adam Beaumont
The NatureBacked PodcastMarch 27, 2023x

Going Local with Adam Beaumont

When Eden Project North, an environmental visitor attraction in northern England, opens in a few years, a lot of the work will be done by local enterprises, said Adam Beaumont, trustee and non-executive director at Eden.

The project will be located at Morecambe, once a thriving coastal town, which has lost a lot of its holiday travellers to southern competition.

"When we announced that we intended to create this Eden Project, we got a standing ovation from the locals. This is going to stimulate a whole lot of economic growth not just in Morecambe but across the north," Beaumont said.

"In all the conversations we’ve had with the government, the response to us has been, we’d rather you did it the right way because that becomes a true example of levelling up."

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