How To Fix Carbon Markets, With Kenny Kaluiji
The NatureBacked PodcastJanuary 29, 2024x

How To Fix Carbon Markets, With Kenny Kaluiji

Kenny Kaluiji, a seasoned professional in the realm of carbon markets and climate equity, gave NatureBacked listeners a deepdive into the state of the carbon markets.

We spoke about:

  • how to fix carbon markets
  • emerging market for biodiversity credits
  • trust challenge of carbon markets
  • how local communities should benefit credit markets

After completing his Master Degree in Energy, Environment and Society to combat climate impacts affecting countries in Africa., Kenny Founded Decarbonify, a startup that spearheads the development of a data-driven ESG Data software, contributing significantly to climate crisis management, and providing climate risk data mapping.

His current advisory role at Carbon Futures EU involves navigating businesses through the complex carbon market landscape, bringing market compliance, truth and transparency.

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