Looking for Solutions with Anders Wijkman
The NatureBacked PodcastNovember 14, 2022x

Looking for Solutions with Anders Wijkman

A universal basic dividend that would distribute some of the profits generated by corporates in industrialized countries to the citizens in low-income countries would be a step forward in the current troubled situation, said Anders Wijkman, Honorary President of the global think tank Club of Rome.

“If you look at the world at large, we are moving in the wrong direction. Almost every possible environment indicator is pointing downwards, not upwards. So I’m not happy. I am quite pessimistic,” Wijkman said in the episode recorded at the GreenEST Summit in Tallinn.

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”If you look at history, major transformations were always happening in the context of crises, wars, pandemics. We are not good at changing course, we are resistant to change as long as we think life is relatively good,” Wijkman said.

Anders Wijkman is a former Member of the European Parliament, Assistant Secretary-General of the UN, and Policy Director of UNDP, among many other climate-linked tasks over his long career.

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