New Age of Investor Activism, with Grünfin's Alejandro Jimenez
The NatureBacked PodcastJanuary 30, 2023x

New Age of Investor Activism, with Grünfin's Alejandro Jimenez

Teaming up with other investors to push for a change towards greener and healthier products from global firms is gaining traction, and industry behemoths like Unilever and Nestle are listening, said Alejandro Jimenez, head of investments at Estonian green investment platform Grünfin.

“Part of our goal is to make you feel you have the power; this is democratized. You have accessibility, and your money is doing something good and helping make this change. So more of these coalitions are indeed popping up," Jimenez said.

Learn more about:

  • how investors push change in behemoths like Unilever, Nestle
  • benefits of investing through exchange-traded funds (ETFs)
  • why Grünfin focuses on Paris Agreement 

“In the New World, activism needs to think about a lot more broadly than just shareholders and think about consumers, employees, the supply chain, what governments are saying, and all that kind of stuff,” Jimenez said.

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