Turning Investment Portfolios Green With Peter Krull
The NatureBacked PodcastApril 19, 2023x

Turning Investment Portfolios Green With Peter Krull

For sustainable investing one has to make clear changes, looking beyond lowering the share of fossil fuel companies in the portfolio, said Peter Krull, Partner at Earth Equity Advisors.

“We don't have to accept less bad. We can just simply make transitions,” Krull said.

“So sustainable investing to me is investing in companies that are going to reduce our exposure to carbon emissions, but also resiliency, because the climate change train has already left the station, we need to invest in companies that are creating more resiliency in our economies,” Krull said.

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  • Difference between ESG investing and sustainable investing
  • Carbon offsets: good or bad?
  • Is it too late to change the world?

“The 2030 goal is great, but for the most part, it's just sort of everybody saying that's really going to be 2050, but 2030 is what we put on the surface to make it look good. And 2050 is too late, 2030 really is where we need to start hitting some of these targets,” Krull said.

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