When Green Is Not Enough: Talking About Blue Economy With Gunter Pauli
The NatureBacked PodcastNovember 21, 2023x

When Green Is Not Enough: Talking About Blue Economy With Gunter Pauli

We met Gunter Pauli on the sidelines of Tallinn Greentech Week to talk about the Blue Economy.

Here are the main points of the discussion:

The blue economy concept and its potential to replace the green economy

  • Pauli is frustrated with the green economy and argues it's too expensive and incompatible with market demands.
  • the limitations of economies of scale in the global market, arguing that consumers prefer unique and diverse products.
  • the potential for waste from coffee production to be used for mushroom farming, with 6000 initiatives around the world already adopting this approach.

Blue economy, local materials, and sustainable business models (from 4:51)

  • the rise of the "blue economy," where companies prioritize local and sustainable practices, citing Novamount as a successful example.
  • the importance of collaboration and resilience in the blue economy, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • the potential of using weeds as a source of bioplastics, highlighting the benefits of vertical integration and the ability to generate more value through the use of local materials.
  • how the business model can change by using an old stranded petrochemical facility, reducing costs and increasing the lifespan of the acid, making the product competitive in the market.

Sustainable paper production and water conservation (from 9:39)

  • the importance of recognizing and utilizing available resources, using the example of stone paper production.
  • the potential of using waste products from forestry companies to create a sustainable business, drawing on the example of mushroom cultivation.
  • the potential of using mining waste to produce paper, generating significant value and reducing water and land use.

Sustainable business practices and education (from 15:23)

  • the importance of working with the next generation to implement sustainable practices and reduce environmental impact.
  • the importance of keeping a childlike curiosity and exploration in adults, as it can lead to innovation and progress.
  • the potential of children to drive positive change, citing examples of initiatives in Estonia and China that involve translating fables into stone and bringing them to schools.

Sustainable transportation and energy solutions (from 20:14)

  • visiting local companies that are making a positive impact in their field, specifically a mushroom company that is doing extraordinary work.
  • abolishing the use of Excel sheets
  • proposal to transform ferry transport in the Baltic by prioritizing local transportation and goods, reducing carbon footprint.
  • the importance of extracting oneself from limitations and constraints, using examples of their entrepreneurial ventures.

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